Freelance Writing - A Good End Goal In Mind

Getting a book published usually involves a number of elements. If you're writing a novel, then you must complete that manuscript first before shopping it. Novels aren't sold based on a good idea. They're based on the work you've done.

There are tons of ways to find markets that are open to freelancers. If you were paying attention, you might notice that this very website is looking for writers! Finding places to submit your work is easy if you know where to look.

Most non fiction books writers get very sensitive when it comes to their favorite characters. This is because most people are offended that any true writer would want to dabble in the realms of fan fiction, but as long as you are not intending to publish it online, there is no reason that you cannot take your favorite character and put them into a situation that they have never been in before. Take this character and put them completely out of their element. What would they do? How could they help save a city from an evil creature? Could they possibly fall in love? The whole idea is to get writing again. If you hate what you have written the next morning, by all means hand it over to your shredder.

Self-publishing is going to revolutionize traditional publishing, in fact, it already has, but not in a way that threatens the craft. No matter what has happened in the years I have worked in book publishing, no change in format or keeper of the keys to the kingdom has changed the literal art and craft of writing.

I've had to change gears a lot. I've had to say, what are my goals now? Do I want to make some money? How can I make some money? Do I want to get published? How can I do that? As much of an emotional thing as writing is, it's also a tactical thing. I found opportunities to parlay one type of writing into another or into the next step in my career.

I'm a, so it pains me to say it, but right now in the publishing industry non-fiction is king. And the stuff that people want to read includes thoughtful, heartfelt stories and essays from noted voices such as Joan Didion (The Year of Magical Thinking), Jimmy Carter (Our Endangered Values) and Kurt Vonnegut (A Man Without a Country). The lesson here is a simple one: be true to yourself, write what you feel and at some point your audience will find you.

A possessed cheerleader. A cursed gang of criminals. Mysterious telekinetic powers. An angry ex-girlfriend in gym class? One second, sophomore in high school Ted endures his first breakup in his favorite place in town. The next, a mysterious blue light turns him into a worldwide superhero sensation for taking down a posse of grisly murderers. As his views on YouTube increase and his friend Dhiraj tries to capitalize on the marketing potential, his dangers increase as well when a presumed-dead cheerleader begins taking a personal interest. Can Ted survive his first week as a superhero in the public eye? This novella is the first taste in a series of full-length novels about the adventures of Ted Finley and Erica LaPlante. The book is also available on Barnes & Noble and Smashwords for $0.99.

Obviously, you should run a spell and grammar check on your work. Don't allow your book to be ruined by the misuse or overuse of punctuation. Finish the book with a bibliography and a subject index.

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